This Season

This Season allows you to quickly access the fixtures (and live scores with FB+), the results, and the current league table for each division.  Just tap the league division name at the top of the screen to show the division you want.

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Fixtures and Live Scores

Having selected the division, tap the “Fixtures / Live” tab to display the fixtures for the current season will be displayed.  If you purchase FB+, then any live scores will also be displayed.

If you have elected to predict scores for this league (see Predictions), then these can be displayed on this page by clicking the “Show Prediction” link.

By default, the fixtures will be shown in ascending order - next fixtures first - but this can be changed by tapping the “Switch Date Order” link.

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This tab shows the results for the current season.

Like the Fixtures tab, the predictions can be displayed on this tab, and the order of the results can be reversed. 

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League Table

This tab shows the current league table for the current season.  This tab will be unavailable for Cup or knockout tournaments.

The league table is calculated based on the current league results.

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