Team Detail

The Team Detail screen is accessible from Results and Team widgets and provides detailed analysis of the team.

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Team History & League Position

The colour dots at the top left of the team name indicate the recent history of that team; red for loss, amber for draw, and green for win. Tap this to show those results.

The current league position of the team is shown at the top right of the team name. Tap this to display the League Table.

This Season

This shows three widgets for the current team;

League Position Statistics - a breakdown of league statistics.

Fixtures & Live Score - the upcoming matchs (up to a maximum of 5 fixtures.  Tap the “Display All Fixtures” button to show all the upcoming fixtures.  If FB+ is purchased, this will show lives scores.

Results - the recent results for the team (up to a maximum of 5 results).  Tap the “Display All Results” button to show all the recent results in the current season.

Full Results

This shows a list of all the results in the Football Buddy database by season.  Tap a season to show the results in that season.


This shows various known details on the team including a map of the stadium location.

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