Football Buddy +

Football Buddy + is a one-time-only, in-app purchase at the lowest price band in the Apple App Store.  Purchasing this option unlocks some additional features within FB, but is in no way essential to the core functionality of Football Buddy 2.

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Live Scores

With FB+, you can monitor each fixture's scoreline as it happens.  Live scores are displayed on all screens and widgets that show fixture information.

This includes the Fixture and Team widgets, and “This Season” fixtures.

Results widgets only show completed matches. 

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Additional prediction widgets for the Dashboard

FB+ adds a widget that will select your best performing prediction model and use that for predictions.  You can tell FB to use the best prediction model for analysing the win/lose/draw result, or the model that is best at predicting the actual scoreline.

FB+ also adds a widget that draw a graph comparison of each of your prediction models over time.  This allows you to see whether a prediction model performs better at different points in a season compared with your other prediction models.

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Customise the widgets

By clicking the cog in the top left corner, its possible to globally alter the appearance of widgets associated with a Team or a Division.  So if you create a customised appearance for a team, when you add a widget with that team it will adopt that appearance.

Alternatively, each widget on the dashboard also has a cog.  This allows that individual widget to be customised.  These are not propagated anywhere else in Football Buddy.

For each Team or Division, its possible to alter the logo, the border colour, the text background colour, and the text colour.

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