Fixture Detail

The Fixture Detail screen is accessible from Result and Fixture widgets and screens.  It shows details analysis of the two teams and shows the live score (if FB+ is purchased)

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Team History

The colour dots at the top left of each team name indicate the recent history of that team; red for loss, amber for draw, and green for win. Tap this to show those results.

The history of the previous encounters is shown between the two names; green for Home Win, Amber for Draw, and Red for an Away Win.

Team Name

Tap the team name to show the detail analysis for that team

League Position

The current league position of the team is show at the top right of the team name. Tap this to display the League Table.


If the Fixture is over, the scoreline is shown to the right of each team name. If its in progress (and FB+ is purchased), the status of the match is shown between the teams.
1H = First Half,
2H = Second Half,
HT = Half TIme,
FT = Full Time.
AET = After Extra Time,
PEN = After Penalties.

Prediction Analysis

The Prediction Analysis frame shows the predicted scoreline using the current default prediction model. Match Rating is a comparison of the two teams history leading up to the match - positive values suggest a home win is more likely, negative values suggest an away win. See the page on Prediction Analysis for more information.

League Comparison

If this is a league match, the current statistics for each team are shown. Green boxes indicate the better stat, red indicates a poorer performance. Amber is the same stat for each.

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