The Dashboard is completely customisable.  Show the information you want for the teams and divisions you want to see.  Add as many widgets as you want, then re-arrange them to the order you need.  Each widget can be minimised to take up less space on the screen, then maximised when you want to see the infomration.

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Add widgets with the Info you want to see

Click on the “+” button at the bottom of the screen.  This displays the available widges.  Once you select a widget, choose the team or division that you want the widget to display.


Widget choice

Various widgets are available to show team and division information.  In addition, if you purchase FB+ you will have access to additional prediction widgets that allow graphed comparison of your prediction models, along with the automated selection of your best performing prediction model.

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Edit the dashboard

All widgets can be minimised, but they can also be re-arranged within the dashboard to the order you want to see.

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